Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to install Nero 10 Free version without Ask Toolbar

Nero released  Nero BurnLite 10 free version which offers simple CD,DVD copying and burning capabilities but the annoying thing is Nero BurnLite 10 comes bundled with Ask toolbar and Nero will install Ask toolbar without user consent , though you can install Nero along with Ask Toolbar and uninstall Ask Toolbar later, let us see how you can install Nero 10 free version without installing Ask Toolbar.
This is very simple process.
Installing Nero BurnLite 10 free version without ask toolbar
1.Download Nero BurnLite 10 from Nero website requires registration, no problem you can download Nero BurnLite 10 from below link.
Link :Nero BurnLite 10
2.Run the program, Nero extracts all files needed to install to temporary folder .
Nero 10 free version
3.After Nero completely extracts required files to temporary folder , Nero  shows InstallShield Wizard now click cancel button .
Nero 10  installshield wizard
4.Now click start button and click run command or press Win +r to open run command box and type  %temp% and Press enter.
Nero temporary folder
5.Now you will observe NERO20100709115641857 like folder under temporary folder  which contains all files to install Nero in your Computer.
6.Open that folder contains setup file ,windows installer ,setup configuration settings files and other files requires to install Nero 10 free version.
remove asktoolbar setupprerequiesites entry
Scroll down to the bottom double click on setup.ini configuration settings file and it will open in  notepad ,now scroll down under ” [ISSetupPrerequisites]” remove 6th entry “PreReq5= Ask Toolbar.prq” and save the file.
Now run Nero BurnLite 10 Setup application from temp folder and follow instructions on the screen Nero will be installed without any  problems and of course without ask toolbar.
I installed Nero BurnLite 10  on windows 7 and its working fine.
Update (Dec 3, 2010):  Here is latest   Nero Burn Lite 10 download link , no need to give your email address to Nero.

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